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J’en connais certains qui vont avoir un dimanche difficile

dimanche 5 mars 2006, par IZO

Si vous voulez voir les photos de la coding, il va falloir attendre un peu :

Here’s the latest : your photos and other information are being restored from backup right now. (The actual image files - the pictures themselves - are all still there, but the database records are temporarily unavailable, so it appears that you have no photos.)

Earlier today, we have a hardware failure. The failure was in a new set of servers we installed. When the failure happened, the system was in the middle of transferring some users’ data from their current cluster to the new cluster.

The failure caused an unexpected error in the migration process and the system got stuck halfway, with the affected users data on neither system. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lost.

(1) Photo data (title, description, permissions, etc.) and the image files themselves are stored in a parallel system and are safe. They are being restored now. We are not yet sure how long it will take to restore all, but will update as soon as we do have a solid estimate.

(2) All other data (things like : blogs you’ve configured, flickrmail, group memberships, group pool photos, comments, faves, notes, tags, sets, set comments, set photo entries, testimonials and ignores/blocks) are being restored from backups. Again, we are not sure how long this restore process will take, but will update as soon as we do have a solid estimate.

We are currently confident about all of the second category data (2, above) from the beginning of Flickr until 24 hours ago. However, any changes made in the last 24 hours may be lost for some users. We will also provide an update on this as soon as we know the details.

We hope you accept our apologies for the inconvenience and general suckiness. Expect another update with much more information in about 8 hours from now, when we expect the first batch of processes to complete.

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